Computer Vision, Robotics and General AI

Leverage AI techniques to positively impact the society. I am a passionate knowledge hunter, I like to lead exciting projects, and I love cooperation (otherwise, fair competition).

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What I Do

💻 Project Management

I generate value from innovative techniques by fulfilling the organizational and operative requirements of a project. I have experience in leading industrial R&D projects and international competitions.

🚀 Deep Learning ****

I specialize in novel deep learning techniques for computer vision. I am able to research and apply recent deep learning techniques (e.g. small, biased, and/or synthetic datasets, or systems with tight computational resources)

📈 Strategic Consulting

I advise startups and small companies in order to integrate or expand cutting-edge AI technologies in their AI processes. The goal is to outstandingly increase efficiency and to adapt to the new AI era.

⚡ Deep Reinforcement Learning

I create applications in the novel field of deep reinforcement learning. I am able to innovate on the current methods to gain efficiency and adaptability for applications of diverse nature.

🤖 Robotics

I provide in-depth knowledge from the robotics field, mostly from aerial robotics. I know the tools and the current techniques, in order to help pushing the automation of a particular application with a robot.

Office Hours

Looking for some AI-related tech advice? Need help with deciding which AI technology best suits your company? Want to build an AI division?

I can help you. Book a 30 min call with me**.**

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